What is VertiCrop?

"This patent pending technology was developed to grow food naturally in bustling urban environments and represents a paradigm shift in farming and food production. Providing up to
20 times the yield of normal field crops, while using only 8% of the water typically required for soil farming. Utilizing a unique, suspended tray configuration on a moving conveyor system,
VertiCrop™ provides optimal exposure to either natural or artificial light along with precisely measured nutrients for each plant. Designed to grow healthy, leafy green vegetables in closed
loop and controlled environments, VertiCrop™ eliminates the need for harmful herbicides and pesticides, while maximizing taste, nutrition and food value." - VertiCrop

Defining the Problem

While the idea for VertiCrop is an amazing and developing technology, the overall brand of the company lacks any sort of professionalism or completeness. The current face of VertiCrop is a green logotype that is boring and unoriginal. 


Giving VertiCrop its own unique and identifiable brand is top priority. Creating necessities and items that fit the look of VertiCrop and what it stands for is key to producing a quality, reputable brand that people can not only trust but are interested in as well. 


For inspiration, something simple, clean and effective was the direction that was being sought after. 



While sketching, working, thinking, and reworking, I tried to keep in mind the vertical aspect of VertiCrop as well as what they produce: food, greens, plants, etc.  When thinking of the way the crops are stacked on top of each other, I tried to replicate that same imagery.

Landing on a simple icon that represented the way the greens are stacked, while also giving the impression of being multi-dimensional, different variations of color and rounded/ cut cornered were applied

Green was the obvious choice of color, as plants are green. However, getting the right colors to show the perspective of the left and right side of the logo was the tricky part. Colors and gradients were all tested until hitting on a great match. 

Now on to the type. Something that not only compliments the logo, but that doesn't take away from or distract the user from the logo. Something that also has the same roundness but sharp corners as the logotype. Ah! Montserrat SemiBold seems to do the trick just right!



Because VertiCrop has such a weak brand, creating a strong, recognizable brand with elements that are consistent through out is key to ultimately building a reputable, trustworthy company. 


A set of consistent business cards that tie in the vertical aspect of the brand, simple letter heads, natural covering for items to be sent out, and a case study book are the first brand touchables to have VertiCrop be seen as a reputable and established company.


Vertical farming itself is not well known to most people. Increasing curiosity and knowledge of vertical farming with VertiCrop is something easily done with straight-to-the-point outdoor advertisement. 


Another touchable item to build VertiCrops reputation is a guide to the success and overall growth is vertical farming itself, with an emphasis on what VertiCrop does to keep everything running smoothly. Images, graphics, and text ensure the reader is engaged and being informed. 


With multiple touch points that are consistent and developed, VertiCrop now has a brand and system to put their company above others within their field. 

credits to: GraphicBurger, MockupWorld, Google, & YouTube