Kortez Chocolate Cigars


Defining the Problem

The current packaging needs to be re-designed to be able to stand out next to competitors, entice the consumer to handle the packaging, and purchase the product. At first glance, it's difficult to tell the product is chocolate cigars, as the only indication is that the chocolate is in the shape of cigars. The gold ribbon looks cheap and there's no true brand identity.

Box Choice

To keep the experience of "cigars" more prevalent, 3 different cigar box sizes were purchased. Out of these 3, the first one was the best size to hold the chocolate cigars.


Doing research, it was clear that Spain had a large part in the spreading of cigars, and it was Cortez who brought them. But, what's cooler than a C? A K. So the name Kortez stuck. Because mainly kings were the ones smoking cigars, the icon of a crown was incorporated. 


After much progression, the last rough ended bringing everything together really nicely. Kortez is created out of simple shapes and Rokkitt SemiBold is used for the subtype.



Mocking up the cigar box made it easier to envision how the product itself would turn out. 

An initial prototype, mocking up the box made it easy to see how things needed to be laid out and sized. The sides of the box were real estate waiting to be filled with a passionate story to further solidify Kortez as a brand, as well as necessary things such as the Nutrition List, ingredients, and barcode. 


With dye lines ready to print, the final product was assembled.